414-207 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC

Artistic Work

In my creative work, I have had many opportunities to work with many talented artists, such as choreographers, theatre directors, TV and movie producers and directors and visual artists. I’ve also believed that keeping my creative fire going is critical to my work.

Creative Digital Media

  • 2017 Highmuckamuck.ca (interactive poem)
  • 2016 103 seconds (virtual reality film)
  • 2012 “We Used to Sing” – short film – producer

Selected Artistic Works

  • “A Nation is Coming”, 1997, music for dance video, 25 mins, Kent Monkman and Michael Greyeyes, Toronto, Banff, NYC
  • “A Nation is Coming” screened at 1997 Sundance Film Festival
  • “Dialogues with Disaster”, multimedia installation performance environment, March 29, 1995, Troy, NY
  • El Naftazteca: Cyber TV for 2000 AD“, producer, post-production sound and video reedit. (student)
  • “Vera Frenkel’s…and the Transit Bar might be anywhere”, multimedia installation, programming 6 videodisc players in MAX. Powerplant Gallery Toronto; National Gallery, Ottawa
  • Producer of Satellite telecast “El Naftazteca: Cyber TV for 2000 AD”, collaboration with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Adriene Jenik, Nov.22, 1994 seen by 3.5 million household
  • “Creation Wheel” Sound for installation by Kent Monkman, Sept 94-Sept 95, Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • “Composition 175”, collaboration with iEar studios (student), Anthony Braxton and the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Apr.16 Troy; Apr.17 Albany; Apr.29 Bennington; June 9-11 The Kitchen, New York City
  • “homage à Braxton”, music, April 28, 1995 RPI Playhouse
  • “Deluge”, music for dance, Tassy Teekman, March 2-13, La Chapelle, 1994 Montreal
  • “Les Bouleaux”, music for dance, Sarah Bild, March 17-20, 1994 Tangente, Montreal, also October 11-16, Toronto
  • “Ruined Surface II -Rupture”, solo show, February 19, 1994 MdLC Frontenac, Montreal
  • “Chapter of Praises and Forgivings, and of Coming Forth by Day”, RPI Nov.11; New York University Nov.19; Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, Nov.20, 1993
  • “Landscape Under Surveillance”, music for theatre, Katrina Dunn , October 6-9, 1993Vancouver
  • “The Witnesses”, music for theatre, Diane Brown, October 6-9, 1993Vancouver
  • “Private Quarters” remounting, September 1993, Dancing on the Edge Vancouver
  • “In the Gathering Darkness”, music for dance, Cameron McMaster, Aug ’93, fFIDA, Toronto
  • “Listening Pleasure”, radiophonic minature, June 8, 23, 1993 Van. East Cult Centre, Van.
  • “The Dark”, music for theatre, Stacey Christadoulous, June 13-19, 1993 Montreal Fringe
  • “Quatre Voies”, music for dance, Tassy Teekman, May 20-23, 1993Tangente, Montreal
  • “Literal Madness”, music for theatre, 4 women directors, Studio C, March 25-271993 Montreal
  • “Second Decade”, music for six PSA’s on AIDS, Michael Balser: executive producer (distributed by VTape). Co-producer: Banff Centre for the Arts 1993
  • “Retracing Spaces”, collaborative dance piece, January 29,30, 1993SF Dance Theatre, San Francisco
  • “Ruined Surface”, solo computer piece, January 21,22, 1993 Western Front, Vancouver
  • “Still Waters”, music for dance, Sarah Bild, choreographer, LAADMI, Montreal, Dec. 16-19, 1992
  • “Charlie Chan’s Taboo”, dance, Dec 6,7,8, 1992 “Dances for a Small Stage”, The Rivoli , Toronto
  • “L’Autre ÉMOI”, new music for several dance pieces, Nov. 27,28,29, 1992 Studio 303, Montreal
  • “Unpredictable behaviour somewhat understood”, 1992 video dance, director: Ssonya, Montreal
  • “Private Quarters” remounting, November 26, 27, 28,29, 1992Tangente, Montreal, remounting, September, Dancing on the Edge Vancouver
  • “Untitled 1&2”, site-specific music for dance, ÉMOI danse , 1992 Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, Sept.28,29 1992 and Oct 1,2, Montreal 1992
  • “The Queens” by Normand Chaurette, music for theatre, Katrina Dunn, Director, September1992
  • “Macrovision” performed music, composed by Lubomyr Melnyck, world premiere, Western Front, February 3rd, 1992