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Digital Transformation Coaching

I am a national Digital Transformation Coach for the Canadian Arts Presentation Association. I coach performing arts and service organizations with one-on-one digital literacy and digital transformation services. We help organizations gain clarity about their digital needs and opportunities and then I help develop the strategic plan that assists these organizations. The program has just launched, and more information is available.

In coaching, we have identified different areas that organizations may like to receive support in.

  1. Vision: The goals you have for the digital future of your organization.
  2. Activities and Services: How you can use digital to perform activities or deliver
    services to your stakeholders.
  3. Target Audience: How you can use digital to get information about your target
    audience (the groups of individuals that you serve) For example, their digital
    expectations, preferences, and behaviours.
  4. Engagement: How you can use digital channels to reach out to your target audience,
    such as marketing to digital natives.
  5. Development: How you can build digital activities and services to suit development
    and fundraising
  6. Technology: How you can use technology for processes and activities, and the type of
    technology you use.
  7. People and Organization: How you can enable your people to use digital tools and
    encourage new technology in your organization.